Events Coming up...

   I. APA Heritage Month
   II. Brett Cook (scroll down) 4/19

I. APA Events Calendar

April 9th Monday
- Registration Begins!  Check Spire for holds!

April 10th Tuesday
- UMass APA Leadership Meeting  (6-7pm, YKCC)
- Hampshire SFT - Discussion: Tibetan Freedom Movement (7pm, Franklin
Petersen Hall)

April 11th Wednesday
- FILM: Documenting Immigration: A Workshop with filmmaker Natalia
Almada:  2007  Massachusetts Multicultural Film Festival
(1-3:45pm, Herter 301)

April 13th  Friday
- Fridays @ the UALRC:  Interested in Studying/Living/Working in Asia?
Presentation on opportunities for undergrads in Asia.  Hear
testimonials and pick up information on studying abroad.
(1-4pm, UALRC)
- UMass SFT - Documentary Film Showing (location/time; TBA)

April 14th   Saturday
- CSA - Volunteer at Temple (more info: [log in to unmask])
- Smith VSA Film Fest:  "Buffalo Boy" (2:30pm, Graham Hall)
- NYU/Columbia University  Host:
1St Annual NYC Asian American Student Conference
More info:

April 17th Tuesday
- Smith College: Discussion: Variety of Buddhism in the Pioneer Valley
(7pm, Stoddard Auditorium)

April 20th Friday
- Fridays @ the UALRC:  Sushi Making & Film Documentary: "
China From the Inside".  Viewing and Discussion.  (1-4pm @ UALRC)
- KSA - Korean Night! (Student Union Ballroom, 7pm)
- SASA- SASA Night '07! (7pm, CCA)
- SASA- Nasha After Party (11pm-2am, CCA)

April 21st  Saturday
- CSA - New Years Show! (Campus Center Aud, 7pm)
- Smith VSA Film Fest:  "First Morning"  (2:30pm, Graham Hall)
- Tools for Change! is a day-long institute devoted to the principles
student leadership and social justice.
To register visit:

April 23rd Monday
- Smith:  It All Started in Wright Hall.  A conversation with Ruth
Ozeki and Carole DeSanti:  Carole is an award winning novelist and
filmmaker, and Ruth has 2 famous novels, "My Year of Meats" and "All
Over Creation" (4:30pm, Seelye 207, Smith College)

April 24th Tuesday
- YKCC:  Spoken Word with Giles Li and Beau Sia (7pm, location:TBA)
- Hampshire College: Discussion: Life as a Tibetan Refugee (7pm,
Franklin Petersen Hall, West Lecture Hall)

April 25th Wednesday
- Film: "Falling For Grace", Q&A with Producer and Actress Fay Ann Lee
after the screening.  Sponsored by Kappa Phi Lambdi. Free Admission.
(7pm, Campus Center Room 162)

April 27th Friday
- Smith VSA Film Fest:  "Daughter from Danang" (7:00pm, Graham Hall)

April 27-28
- Body Politics (Student Union Ballroom, 7pm)

April 28th Saturday
- Harvard Univ:  Asian American Women In Leadership (AAWI) Conference
hosted by ASPIRE 9Asian Sisters Participating in Reaching Excellence)
Keynote Speakers: Helen Zia, Jeannie Park:
To Register Visit: or contact Natalie
Truong (508)935-4241

April 29th Sunday
- UALRC Recognition Luncheon (11 - 2 Campus Center Auditorium)

MAY 2007

May 1st Tuesday
- UMass APA Leadership Meeting (6-7pm, YKCC)
- Smith College:  Interfaith Dialogue between Buddhism and
Christianity (7pm, Neilson Browsing Room)

May 8th Tuesday
- Hampshire College:  Film Screening:  Kundun (7pm, Franklin Petersen

May 9th Wednesday
- Dali Lama comes to Smith College (location/time: TBA)

May 16th Wednesday
- Last Day of Classes

May 18th Friday
- Final Examinations Begin

May 25th Friday
- Last Day of Final Exams

May 26th Saturday
- Graduate and Stockbridge Graduation

May 27th Sunday
- Undergraduate Commencement

 II. Brett Cook Lecture 4/19
Brett Cook is an African American "graffiti artist," who  works with people
in Colleges or towns to create public installations that help us think about
what it means to be part of a community. Some of us are hoping to interest
him in working with faculty, staff and students at Amherst to create such an
installation. I know that many Black Studies majors are interested in
fostering discussion about our community and its values. Brett's talk would
be an opportunity to get to know something about how he works and to see
what his work makes possible. Please come to the talk and bring along any
other students you think might be interested in the project. If you, or any
are interested in attending the reception with Brett after the talk to find
out more about the project you should contact Louise Beckett in the Fine
Arts department. I've sent her a copy of this email to let he know that you
may be in touch.